It’s a New Year! New years can bring new things into our life’s and some of the new things can be good even if we don’t think so at the beginning. As you may know or will read elsewhere in the newsletter, changes are coming to First Christian.

The congregation decided that in order to maintain the presence of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Warner Robins, the church needed to make a radical change. The decision was to seek a Planter (Pastor/Developer) to come and create a new congregation. This means that if the decision succeeds, First Christian may cease to be and become something completely different, but will continue the story begun in April, 1957.

The Planter will serve the existing congregation 25% of the time and devote 75% to building a new church. The new church will be able to utilize the existing facilities and resources to help get started. In most cases, a Planter is given a budget to use for starting a new church and has 3 years to reach a self-sufficient capability. All the resources will help support this new vision.

This also means that I will be leaving as the pastor of First Christian. I will remain in the area in a new job outside traditional pastoral ministry. I will be available for the Planter as she or he need, but will not interfere in any way. During any gap between my last Sunday and the arrival of a Planter, I will fill the pulpit and be available for congregational needs.

I encourage everyone to pray for the new work beginning in Warner Robins and the life of this congregation. I encourage everyone to support and encourage the Planter when he or she arrives. This is NOT the death of First Christian, it is the rebirth of what God will build on the foundation created so long ago.

Shalom, Darrell