Remember when the summer didn’t end until Labor Day? We had a whole month left when we reached the end of July. A month of leaving as soon as breakfast was over and returning for lunch and then again in time for supper with maybe a bonus time of play until dark. Oh, for the good old days.

Today, you can drive around Houston County and see bands and football teams practicing. Vacations have to be over by the end of July or else timed with the breaks the school system puts on the calendar.

But then again, we are called to serve in the world that is, not in the world we would wish it to be. We cannot roll back the clock to the “good old days” because if we are truly honest about those days, we will see that they had just as many problems as there are today. We just didn’t see the world with the eyes of adults.

We still have some of the same problems today that existed then. We still have prejudice against other people and in some ways, we have expanded the people we group into labels that deserve less then we deserve.

We still fail to see women as capable of performing tasks as we do men. We also have the problem that women are seen as the goal for a man. Especially if we are successful, it is more acceptable for a man to practice serial monogamy than it is for a woman.

We draw more lines between the rich and the poor even though the number of poor is greater than it was when we were starting our teen years. We label the poor as lazy and uneducated. Yet some of these same “poor” are graduates of high schools, colleges, and even graduate schools who work multiple jobs for minimum wages because they graduated in deep debt. We have grandparents working past what many think of as the age of retirement, not because they want to, but because they need to.

As Christians, we are to truly see each other not as labels, but as brothers and sisters in the world. We are to care for those who are scorned by society. We are to assist our elderly and our children. We are to pay more attention to helping others than we are to measure ourselves on society’s measure of success.

We can recall the great times of summer when we were children, now we are God’s adult Disciples called to serve and love one another. Are we Disciples or are we still playing in our past’s summer sun?

Shalom, Darrell