As this month begins, the House Groups have finished their first week of meeting. This is part of the Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation. The participants are learning a process that will lead to a big step in how we can answer God’s Vision for First Christian Church in Warner Robins.

Whether you are in a group or not, continue to pray for God’s guidance as we explore the understanding of what church is and how we can respond to God. This is among the most important things we have done as a congregation.

After the groups meet, the group leaders and I will sort through their decisions and present the assessment to the board and then to the congregation. We all need to be involved in responding to the results of the House Groups efforts.

We are at our best when we come together as the people of God to love as we have been loved. Let us roll up our sleeves and get ready to work for God in Warner Robins.

Shalom, Darrell