Did you know that language changes over time? The definition of words can alter and can even reverse themselves. Once upon a time, to call a person “nice” was an insult and that to say something was “awful” was a compliment. To apply the “nice” was to indicate that they were like the people from Nice, France. It was a notorious place at the time, and the people were not nice by our current definition. This is no longer the case for the city of Nice. “Awful” was meant to fill someone with awe, quite a transition for both words.

Our understanding of words can also alter. Once upon a time we called the church “the Church of Jesus Christ”. We now often refer to it as “my” church. If we think about this particular transition of meaning, it is quite sad. We have moved from thinking that the church is about doing the Will of God and made it more about doing the will of the people who take part in the activities and life of the congregation. Yes, we still read the Bible and pray. We still go to worship and give to mission work. But, so much of our time and energy is directed toward the care and nurture of those already considered part of the body of Christ.

What do “we” want to do? What do “we” like or dislike. What do “we” think needs to be done?

We are entering a time of study and reflection with the idea of seeking what God wants us to do and be. We are to pray about this, talk about this, study about this, and most importantly, listen to God about this. House groups will be meeting to pray and consider. I hope that everyone would be part of the praying for this particular congregation of Jesus Christ that we may discover who we really are and what God would call us to do.

Everyone in the church needs to be praying, even if you no longer live in Warner Robins, please keep us in prayer. If you are here, attend one of the groups so that we can discern the call of God for the whole body of this congregation. Every voice and every heart should be part of this work. It can be a frightening time, but it can become a time for greater understanding of God working in this church.

We will become the heart, hand, feet, and voice of this manifestation of the Church of Jesus Christ at 100 N. Houston Road in Warner Robins, GA. You will be an essential part of the Body of Christ, and we need all the parts to come together for this work of discernment.

Shalom, Darrell