This month we will celebrate Easter. Easter marks the dramatic victory of life over death, of freedom over fear, and of hope over despair.

We know the story of Easter, but we often miss the profound transformation that took place. A prophetic healer challenged the status quo of the world and the powers in charge said it will cost your life. Crucifixion was the most profound method of humiliating execution available at the time. To be hung on a cross was to erase your name and memory from all who once knew you. Those who died on the cross offended the authority of Rome and their families often refused to attend the execution because they feared that they would be seen as supporting the cause of the person killed.

Jesus died on the cross. Rome was satisfied that they had the last word. God spoke another word and life returned!

We follow someone who was executed by the state for a capital crime. We should be embarrassed. We should be ashamed. Instead, we hold to the vision that God is always the last Word and that Word is always LIFE.

During this month, we will be recruiting participants for House Groups as we move forward in the Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation. Yes, I know that sounds like jargon. What it means is that we are preparing ourselves for a journey we will take to discover God’s mission for First Christian Church in Warner Robins. During this month we will pray for guidance and for the willingness of all of us to listen to God and each other and ultimately make a bold decision about our future mission.

This will mean a great deal of work. We are being asked to commit about 2 hours a day for 6 weeks to meet and journey through the material with openness, honesty and most of all prayer. It is vital that we have at least 30 people participate in these House Groups. It would be wonderful to have more.

Just as the disciples’ lives were transformed by the discovery of an empty tomb, so may our congregation be transformed. This is not a program to fix problems. It is to get a profound discovery of God’s call for us. Fishermen, tax collectors, and all the other jobs that the Disciples had before the tomb was found empty became secondary to the Call to Mission that they discovered. Much like the Disciples, after we complete this process, we will make attempts to answer God’s call. Sometimes we will fail. Sometimes we will not recognize our success, and sometimes we will be amazed at what God does through our efforts.

If you are in Warner Robins, sign up for a House Group. If you live elsewhere or cannot commit the time, pray for us as we journey toward mission.

Shalom, Darrell