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There will be a called Congregational Meeting on Sunday, July 12th, during the Sunday morning service.  The reason for this meeting is to make a decision regarding the Hope Partnership program New Beginning.  Some material was shared at the Fellowship Dinner in June.  If you were not able to be at the dinner, I will share some information here.

This program is part of our denomination.  You can go to www.hopepmt.org/nb for their website information.  This program teaches churches how to be transformation leaders.  It guides congregations in change that brings churches from institutions to sources of missions.  Sort of moving from a “what was” mindset to a “what is” mindset.  Another way that they express this is to move the focus of the church from member comfort to service to the community.

There are three steps to this process.  The first involves interviews with church leadership, demographics of the community, review of congregational history and activities.  Then they produce a 60 page report.  This report guides churches with future options.

The next step is leader training for small groups and the pastor.  The training will guide the leadership through the next step.

The last step is a series of house meetings of about eight people in a group.  The group reviews the options and then begin work toward a vision statement.  These groups meet over six weeks.  When this is concluded the congregation makes a decision about what the next step should be.

Processes such as this have a price.  Normally the charge is $3,800.00.  But because the whole region is working through this we are getting a break and the cost is $2,800.00.

While a decision is required about participation by July 15, the fee is not needed until the end of the year.  I want to encourage everyone to do some research and pray about this.  Talk to each other about your thoughts.  Then come to the congregational meeting on July 12th.

Shalom, Darrell