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On November 14th and 15th, Disciples in Georgia will gather in Sandersville, at First Christian Church, for the Regional Assembly.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  Our new Regional Minister, Rev. Denise Bell will be installed by Rev. Dr. Sharon Watkins, our General Minister and President on Saturday afternoon.  The worship celebrations at the Assembly are always excellent, especially when Mary Donovan Turner will be doing the Bible Study and the sermons.

In November we will collect the Thanksgiving Offering.  This offering helps support our colleges, universities, seminaries, and Divinity Houses.  Students from our churches receive financial assistance and scholarships because of our support of these schools.  We will collect this offering on the Sundays of November 16th and 23rd.

On November 30, 2014, the first Sunday of Advent, we will celebrate on Sunday morning with the Hanging of the Greens, (no, this does not mean that families with the last name Green need to fear; my cousin’s last name is Green).  During this service, we will decorate the sanctuary for the coming of Christmas, and we will light the first candle in the Advent Wreath.  We will sing many of the traditional Carols of the holiday, as well as recall the traditions behind the decorations we use to mark Christmas.  If you want to add a live or artificial Poinsettia to the decorations, you may bring it on any of the Sundays of Advent, and if you wish, you may take it home with you on Christmas Eve.  Y’all come!

Nov. is a busy month.  Of course, it is just the beginning of the holidays with traveling, shopping, socializing with work colleagues, friends, and families and hopefully, attending services of worship.  This month we will celebrate Thanksgiving.  We will gather together and have the foods traditional to our particular families.  As I have learned, and as my family diversifies, varieties of foods increase.  When John Michael joined our family, I had my first deep fried turkey.  With David and his parents, I experienced foods from Venezuela.  Thanksgiving should not be a once a year holiday because it isn’t only an American holiday.  Friends of mine in Canada have already celebrated Thanksgiving.

As Christians we are to celebrate Thanksgiving daily.  No, we should not eat turkey every day, but we should recall with thanksgiving all that we have received from God.  Every day we can count blessing and express our gratitude to our friends, family and co-workers for their involvement in our life.

We talk about making resolutions for the beginning of the new year, but a Thanksgiving resolution might be a good idea.  Resolve to be thanks giving.

Shalom, Darrell