Welcome to summertime.  I will be at Camp Mid-High later this month and would greatly appreciate any prayers that can be sent for all the counselors and campers for the full run of Camp Christian.  This year we have seven young people attending camp.  Beginning June 2-6, Andrew Hebenstreit starts with Junior.  Ethan, Taylor, Andrea, and Savanna will attend CYF June 9-14.  Olivia will attend Chi Rho June 16-21.  I am at Mid High June 23-28 and Teresa Nolde will wrap up camp at Chrysalis July 14-16.  Please consider sending them a letter while at camp.  The mailing address is Camp Christian, (camp session such as CYF), camper’s name, 3735 Dennard Hardy Road, Gordon, GA  31031.  Please remember not to send mail after Wednesday evening if you expect them to get the letter.  You can also mail a letter before camp starts and it can be there waiting or the day camp begins.

Another event of summer over the past few years is to set aside July and even August to take requests for themes or questions to be the focus for the sermons over the next few weeks.  Please write down your requests or email them to me at pastor@fcc-wr.org over the next few weeks.  I will sort through them and post the sermon topics in the July and August newsletters.

Your suggestions can be anything from questions regarding faith or church life, challenges of life, or scriptures that raise questions or difficulties for you.  Think about the questions you want answered or the things that have puzzled you.  Let’s share in our understanding and growth.

Shalom,  Darrell