Starting this month, Camp Christian will be running at full speed.  Our congregation will be well represented this summer and I would encourage everyone to consider sending notes and cards to the kids going to camp.  Because of the abuse of email being sent to campers, multiple page or even with one word per page emails, the campers will only be able to receive letters and packages.

The mailing address for camp is 3735 Dennard Hardy Road, Gordon, GA  31031-9776.  Address any mail to the name of the camper in care of Camp Christian.  Plan on it taking a couple of days for the mail to arrive, so if camp begins on Monday, mail a letter on the previous Friday.  Also, any mail sent after Wednesday will probably not reach the campers.

The first of our church family to attend camp this summer will be Juliet and Theresa Nolde at the Genesis Camp on June 7-9.  Send any mail by Thursday, June 6th.  From June 10-15, Ethan Thompson, Andrea McCleese, Gavin Edmondson, Savanna Gowin, and Taylor Hicks will be at CY camp.  The following week, June 17-22, Olivia Gowin will be at Chi Rho camp.  Due to the General Assembly, the next camp isn’t until July 16-20.  Watch the July newsletter for the names of the campers attending camp in July.

The General Assembly of the Christian Church is being held in Orlando, FL, July 13-17.  This is one of the closest sites for the Assembly.  It is a wonderful opportunity to experience the rich variety of our church and to hear messages from church leaders from all over the country.  This year there will also be opportunities to attend Learning Tracks.  They are Media and Arts in worship, Missional Transformation, Stewardship, and Spirituality.

Everything begins Saturday evening and concludes on Wednesday night with the a-cappella women’s group “Sweet Honey in the Rock”.  I had the opportunity to hear them when the Assembly was in Kansas City and they are fantastic.  A young Disciple musician, Andra Moral, will perform Monday night.  If you would like to hear either of these artists before the Assembly, I have CDs of both.

You do not have to come for the entire time; you can come in for a day or two.  In the Convention Exhibit Hall, all the ministries of our church will be on display.  All of our colleges and universities will be there as well as a book display from Cokesbury.

Our denomination is best experienced in the variety of languages, music styles and cultures that can come together and worship around the Communion Table.  We use the phrase “come and be embraced” to describe our congregation.  Come to Orlando and embrace the richness of our church.

Shalom, Darrell