Wow!  In 2011 we got a lot done.  We finished the Fellowship Hall, sent our largest groups in many years to Camp Christian and to Youth-a-palooza, supported our Christmas family and provided a lot of canned goods for the Salvation Army and the Christian Social Ministries food bank.  So what can we do this year?

Here is one thing that began last year that we can put into action this year.  During 2011, several people talked about planting a garden to provide fresh vegetables to the food banks that we help.  We talked about how big, location, and other details.  The board accepted the idea, and we had hoped to put it together this year.

In November I was told about a young man seeking to build a community garden for his Eagle project for the Boy Scouts.  We got together and he is drawing up plans for four raised beds for the front yard of the church.  The beds would be about 6’ X 12’.  Our “Seeds of Hope” gardens would be out front to make it easier to tend as there is a water supply out front.  It also makes it more visible for security as well as promotion of the idea of gardening for others.  We would plant vegetables that would be tolerant of our dry climate and do well in full sun.  Different groups in the church from children to adults could take turns caring for the crops and harvesting them as they ripen.

This would be an outreach ministry of our church.  Helping a Boy Scout achieve his Eagle, feeding the hungry in our community and challenging others to do the same.

Another challenge before us began during the early summer and resulted in a program at the November Fellowship Dinner.  The organization, Family Promise, came to Warner Robins to guide a desire to minister to the homeless in our county.  The way Family Promise would be set up here in Warner Robins is to get churches to agree to host and/or support the care and sheltering of four homeless families with children in this county.  Carolyn Schomer reported in November that according to the Houston County Board of Education, there are 315 homeless families with school-aged children in our county.

Family Promise would provide week long housing in a church for overnight, a center where the families could come during the day to bathe, go to school and receive the guidance and support needed to get back into safe and affordable housing.  Host churches would supply overnight accommodations in the church for four families.  Support churches would be partnered with a host church to provide transportation, preparation of breakfast, participating in evening and overnight fellowship and participating in special activities.  This commitment would be for seven consecutive days not more than four times per year.  We would make a one year commitment.

If we were to do this, we would need one person to act as coordinator.  Others could volunteer as drivers, cooks or spend a night at the host site, volunteer at the Day Center, serve on Network Committees, such as Recruitment, Transportation, Day Center, Finance, Publicity.

This is an opportunity for us to truly practice Hospitality as described in Matthew 25:31-46.  Prayerfully consider this and if you would like to be involved, please let me know.  We need to make a decision about this soon so that we can start serving those most in need.

Shalom, Darrell